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Sisley is the young and avant-garde line of the luxury Italian fashion brand from the Benetton Group. Since its launch in 1968 Sisley has consistently produced classy, trendy collections every season, making it one of the best ambassadors of Italian design in the world.
Sisley’s popularity with its public means the label has over 850 points of sale worldwide. The ‘S’ logo on many of Sisley’s creations (particularly accessories) has become a symbol for young, cool followers of fashion and style, synonymous with Italian design which has a strong modern feel.


Supporting the transformation of the company towards a global sustainable approach is the goal of Sisley, which has been a brand of the Benetton Group since 1974. Actively managing the environmental impact, aiming for increasingly sustainable products, taking care of every phase of the production chain, and valuing people and communities, is our daily choice.

The Group has always carefully selected raw materials, preferring the most sustainable ones. Today 80% of the fibers in Sisley’s garments are of natural origin and therefore have a lower impact on the environment. In addition to this, about 50% of the garments are made of monofibre material, which is easier to recycle. Sisley’s commitment continues through the search for new materials with reduced environmental impact.

Sustainable cotton - Since 2017 Benetton Group is proud to be a member of Better Cotton. During 2019 Sisley reached a percentage of BCI cotton equal to 54% (calculated on the total annual cotton requirement), a great leap forward compared to 23% the previous year. In 2020, the percentage of BCI cotton dropped slightly (52%).

In 2020 Sisley started a process that involves greater use of recycled cotton, more sustainable than conventional cotton as it derives mainly from the reuse of pre-and post-consumer textile waste and recycled polyester in down jackets.

Sisley is located at The Strand, Sliema.