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We are Salsa Malta - and so are you. Our family is lucky to have you!

Salsa was born in 1994 in a small town in the north of Portugal, right in the heart of the local textile industry. Nestled between the peaceful countryside and the dynamic Porto coastal region, we grew with the people of the region, taking pride in our work and our roots. Salsa believe that they are the best at what they do (they have all the right reasons to believe so!).

There’s nothing stopping you from owning the best jeans in the world!


Salsa creates unique jeans for every body type and all kinds of personal preferences. Salsa believes that all bodies are beautiful just the way they are; sometimes all it takes is a little confidence to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Salsa work tirelessly to make its brand more inclusive. Salsa knows there's a long road ahead, but every step they take brings them a little closer to their goal. They’re passion driven to create the perfect jeans for each one of you and to push the boundaries of innovation. Each new fit means more than 50 prototypes and hundreds of fittings, which are then finished using one of 67 wash techniques and more than 40 types of special finishes.

Salsa wants to bring out the best of you. It’s not just about being trendy or fashionable. It’s about quality, comfort, and how you feel when you wear Salsa jeans. Salsa wants you to feel good in what you wear so that you feel good about yourself: it’s Salsa’s fit & feels philosophy.

Salsa Malta is located in Tower Road, Sliema.